Though techniques and schools of thought have matured in Taiwan’s world-class manufacturing sector, design development remains stagnant and outdated. Companies place too much emphasis on cost and craft, while the benefits of the linkage and integration that design can bring to a product or service are largely ignored.


Established in 2017, LAJOS strives to uncover and highlight Taiwan’s unique industrial strengths. To do this, we focus on the interpretation of emotional connections by identifying the values that improve people’s lives. We aim to bring a more liberated, experimental approach to production, pushing our design work to wherever the heady heights of our expansive imaginations take us.

Golden Pin Design Award – Best of Concept Design Award 

A’ Design Award – Platinum Award


Luxury Life Style Award


Bryan Leung

Creative director/ Product designer

Bryan has always been deeply fascinated with how people and things relate to each other, and he relishes the opportunity design gives him to search for new ways to impart value on these relationships.


Bryan’s talents lie in guiding emotions, analysing design trends, and identifying the needs of consumers. By dialling into his innate sense of perceptiveness and astuteness, Bryan is able to produce detailed, tasteful designs with fine textures that deliver consumers something truly new.

Rock Leung

Interior designer / Strategy designer 

Good at using materials to incorporate emotion into the spatial experience. Undertakes strategic planning with a delicate hand.

Jay Song

Graphic designer / Visual designer

Diverse use of graphic elements in visual identity. Excels at using font design to achieve business strategy requirements.