Designed with sincerity at its core, the Memento Collection seeks to connect people. Each object in the collection represents the heartfelt intentions of the gift-giver; the thoughtfully defined uses of each object allow for highly personalised giving. These beautiful tools serve both a functional and decorative purpose, lending themselves equally to both use and display. Each item in the Memento Collection is handcrafted in Taiwan to the highest standard by seasoned artisans.


Letter opener, gift, table decoration

Design director / Product design /

Mass production / Marketing


Stainless steel,

PVD Titanium


Casting ,

Hand polishing

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Stainless steel, PVD Titanium


Casting, Hand polishing

Sold on

Milan, Taiwan, Austria


Suitable for people who are meticulous, elegant, and cultured, especially those who work in the culture and arts industries. Perfect for writers.

Barber’s Blade

Suitable for brand owners, stylists, and idea makers. The tabbed handle supports the user’ s fingers, encouraging a comfortable grip. The design is modelled on the way a barber or hairdresser holds their shears.


Behind each stitch lies patience, care, and perseverance. Created with fashion designers in mind, Needle is best suited to people who are precise and thorough.

French Curve

Taking inspiration from a drawing template, there is not a single straight line in this unique object. Suitable for people who are one of a kind and innovative, or those who have a background in design or work in design-related industries.


Suitable for the rationally minded, or those who work as engineers or technicians. When using the blade to open an envelope, the user will naturally mimic the motion of turning a rotating bolt.


Imbued with grit and tenacity, Chisel reflects selfreliance and the drive to carve out an ideal future. In a similar manner to sculpting marble or whittling wood, users need to pierce an envelope several times in order open it. Suitable for craftsmen or those with a persistent nature.