This Bluetooth speaker is inspired by Alishan (Ali Mountain), an alpine peak in Taiwan that once supported a thriving logging industry. Today, the mountain and its land are designated a National Scenic Area. Tourists can ride the forest railway train—a relic from the past—to view the sunrise and hike through the regenerated native forest.


Bluetooth speaker

Design director/ Product design/ Production consulting


Wood, PC


Wood process, Injection mold 

Launch on

market at 2022

The mountain parkland is often shrouded in mist; at other times, the temperate woodland is bathed in the warm glow of the sunrise. Sunlight-backed tree trunks inspire the vertical wooden grill that graces the exterior of this speaker. The matte side cover is see-through, offering a view through to the wooden grill that imitates viewing trees through low-lying clouds. The speaker itself floats on a translucent stand like a forested peak above a misty valley.

We sourced forest resource-managed wood for the Alishan speaker, so the product supports ecological balance.