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Designed with sincerity at its core, Memento links people’s feelings and understanding of one another. It represents the gift-giver’s heart and thoughts for the receiver, which is especially meaningful and irreplaceable because of the interpersonal link.


These items serve not only as gifts or letter openers, but they can also be displayed as decorative objects in the home. Their designs, in terms of texture and shapes, reflect superb quality, and they’re all handcrafted and polished by seasoned artisans.

Material:Stainless, PVD Titanium

Sold in: Rossana Orlandi



Suitable for a detail-oriented person who has a habit of cultural preservation, works in the culture and arts industries, or works as a writer.

Barber's shear

Barber’s Shear

It is suitable for a person who strives to realize their designs and ideas, to create their own brand, or who works as a stylist. The Barber Shear Memento allows for a comfortable grip as it supports the user’s finger when the letter open is held the way a hair-dressers holds barber shears.



Behind every stitch of a hand-sewn piece lies patience, careful mindedness, and determination. The Needle Memento is the best choice for a fashion designer who is passion-ate about working to realize their dream. The Needle allows the user to easily and precisely slide open the envelope.



This opener is suitable for engineers, individuals with a technical background, or those who are strong, practical, and rational. When using the blade of the Wrench Memento to open the envelope, the gesture of turning fasteners is naturally incorporated.


French Curve

Inspired by the drawing tool of the same name, the French Curve Memento is a unique letter opener with a variety of curvatures. It is suitable for a creative individual with innovative ideas or one with a background in design or a designreated industry.



When using the Chisel Memento, the user is required to apply several cuts to open the envelope as a craftsman makes multiple strokes to shape their creation.

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